Membership Covenant

Active Members of St. Paul’s Church annually commit to the following covenant: 

Agree: I agree with the mission, vision, values, statement of faith, and governance of St. Paul's Church. 

Attend: I will attend weekend services and membership meetings at St. Paul's Church. 

Pray: I will pray for the health and growth of St. Paul's Church. 

Give: I will give, within my means and as the Lord leads, to help support the church financially. 

Serve: I will donate my time and my gifts to serve St. Paul's Church. 

Invite: I will invite others to attend services, join small groups, and serve at St. Paul's Church. 

Model: I will model Christ-like behavior. I will pursue the fruit of the spirit and avoid all forms of sexual immorality, greed, deceit, and violence (Gal 5:19-23). I will act in love toward other members of the body, practicing Biblical conflict resolution when necessary (Matt 18:15-17). 

With God’s help, I intend to fulfill these commitments to the best of my ability.